Other Writing

Short blogs and articles

Morley, J. (2016) “Zooming out: in what sequence should methods be mixed?” On Practice Theory Methodologies. Convened by Allison Hui and Hilmar Schäfer. Available here.

Strengers, Y., Morley, J., Nicholls, L., and Hazas, M.  (2016) “The hidden energy cost of smart homes”. Short online article on The Conversation. June. Available here.

Morley, J., and Shove, E.  (2014) “Size is everything at Christmas and your oven is no exception”. Short online article on The Conversation. December. Available here.

Policy Consultation

Hazas, M. and Morley, J. (2016) Response to request for ideas: “UK Digital Strategy – the next frontier in our digital revolution”. Short consultation response submitted to DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport). January.